Client: PLENTI
Year: 2017


PLENTI is an EMPRESUR S.A. product, which is an independent entity of Argentinian origin and capital, which provides simple and reliable financial services for the whole country since 1990. With over 200,000 personal loans granted to its more than 20,000 customers, EMPRESUR S.A. is an expert in financing and quality financial solutions.

Its new product, PLENTI, is an intelligent financing solution that offers on-line personal loans in a simple, comfortable and immediate fashion. PLENTI allows for transparent operations in state-of-the-art technological platforms that ensure agile, simple and secure transactions.


Facing the emergence of new on-line financial services and the definitive arrival of the Fintechs to Argentina, EMPRESUR S.A.’s management team chose to take on a challenge and create an innovative, reliable and 100% digital product. The goal was to design an easy to use, reliable personal loan solution of high availability. The challenge entailed creating this solution from scratch, designing its identity, defining its value proposition, and developing a digital ecosystem on which base it. To achieve this, a multidisciplinary team was created, including loan and finance specialists, and a technological development team. In 2017, with the coordination of Proteína, they worked for six months devising and developing the new brand and product.


1st stage: Development of brand and commercial product

The first step in the development of the new commercial product consisted in devising and defining a differential proposition. Joint work sessions and Design Thinking tools served to analyze the targeted audiences in depth, to determine the product’s value proposition, the main assets to be developed, and the positioning of the brand.

During brand development work was carried out on its values and attributes, beliefs and personality, and finally its unique selling proposition and brand idea. The last step of this process was to define a name and tag line for the new brand: PLENTI. Viví tu vida (Live your life).

Proteína’s team worked on the design of the visual identity, which was the last element in the definition and design of the brand. Different visual and creative paths were walked to develop the graphic elements of the brand: logo, characters, plots, palette and application manual. Once all were defined, work began on a basic set of communication pieces that could remain as a reference for the internal team and the agencies that would be involved in the launch of the brand.

With the bran constituted, Proteína’s team worked together with the developers of the technology that supports PLENTI’s operation, contributing UX and UI know-how, and designing the customer experience in the platform. As this was a 100% digital product, focus was placed on developing effective and clear commercial texts, and an appropriate design for the user interface that could achieve the goals of the platform and solve the customer’s search in a friendly way. Proteína’s team contributed with brand development expert designers and UX expert designers, that worked in an integrated fashion during the product design, until they obtained the final result: the platform

2nd stage: Strategic planning

The second stage focused on developing a high level Marketing and Communication digital strategy to accompany the product during launch and the first months out in the market. Using the model proposed by the Digital Engagement Framework, a comprehensive document was developed, with goals, trends, reach and audience interaction strategies, key messages, and content strategies; technologies, platforms and resources needed for the execution of the business unit’s marketing plan. This plan provided the main guidelines for the implementation of future digital initiatives, and a roadmap for the product management and development.


During the joint work sessions, in Buenos Aires, Comodoro Rivadavia and remote locations, different frameworks and methodologies were used:
• Value Proposition Canvas
• Brand Key Model
• Digital Engagement Framework
• OGTM & SMART Models


Collaborative work: Designing and developing a new product is a complex process, with multiple players from different disciplines. Collaborative work, using dynamic methodologies and tools, facilitates effort integration and ensures better results.

The user’s focus: Having the user in mind along the way allows for the design of products, messages and experiences that effectively connect us with our audiences.

Betting on digital: Digital products generate new business opportunities, often unexplored. Through the digital, it is possible to open more efficient, effective, and quicker channels.