Client: ABECEB
Year: 2016


ABECEB is an economic and business consulting company, expert in real economy and Latin America, that accompanies institutions, companies, and governments with interests in the region, collaborating in the management of their operations. They contribute with a deep knowledge of the environment and a unique local perspective that simplify complex decision-making processes, with the help of a multidisciplinary team of over 60 specialists, state-of-the-art proprietary tools, proven, reliable diagnostic and analysis methodologies, sturdy networks of relations and a commitment to excellence.

Born in Argentina, and with over 20 years’ experience, it is present in the whole region, accompanying more than 100 institutions, leading companies and government teams, as advisors and partners to enhance decision making processes.


After a decade positioning itself in the country as a service provider offering access to the “on-line economy”, ABECEB’s management was faced with the challenge of taking the next big leap to position itself at the forefront of the sector, and expand its presence in Latin America.
Embarked in a professionalization process that intended to take the company to the next level, in 2015, ABECEB decides to bet on widening the operation.


The expansion towards regional markets imposed the need to design a scalable, quality offer with high availability in any point of Latin America. With that in mind, the idea of COMPASS was born.

COMPASS is a digital product that provides 24/7 access to the main variables of Latin American economy, opened by economic sector and industry, with experts’ reports, scenarios and economic projections for Latin America. COMPASS was designed as the first platform to understand, analyze and report on the course of Latin American economy. It was a process that involved ABECEB’s area experts, the firm’s main clients, and a team working on iterative processes that built solutions, not only to satisfy their clients, but also to modify internal processes at ABECEB that required updating to deliver the expected value to the prospective clients of the platform. For 18 months, a team from Proteína, comprised of marketing and technology consultants, and developers, worked along ABECEB’s executives on the design and development of their digital product. The brand, product, value proposition, communication strategy and the digital tool that constituted the solution were developed from a perspective that integrated marketing and technology.


• Strategic support sessions
• Value Proposition Canvas
• Design Thinking
• Agile


1) Laying the basis: When starting a transformation process, it is essential to begin with an honest and effective analysis of the organization, its leadership and the available resources. Operating based on the structure and the capabilities of the organization is key to successfully face challenges.
2) Flexibility in build-up:Great transformations require dynamic strategies that allow for adaptation along the build-up process. The project has to be capable of modification when findings and complications arise along the way..
3) Finding an original perspective: To be at the forefront, following trends is not enough. Understanding what happens around us and what the future hold is necessary, but not enough. The innovation frontier is in the true understanding of the client, where new and groundbreaking products are created.